Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeding A Family Of 4 For Under $100 a Week

Feeding a family of 4 is definitely a challenge, especially on a $100.00 a week budget. I have created this grocery shopping list with breakfast and lunch ideas and also easy dinner recipes. There are more ways to save shopping by using grocery coupons. I have made this shopping list without taking them into consideration, but by all means use them to save even more money on weekly food bill. I have put together a grocery shopping list with meal ideas for a week, 3 meals a day for 4 people.

Life has never changed so much as in the last 3 years. I have been unemployed for two and a half of them. My husband and I had worked for ourselves for about 20 years. It has definitely been a challenging time. He currently sells Real Estate and I now have a part time job, sell AVON and have 2 information websites Work at Home Job Directory and Get Me Known. Now that you know about me, lets get started.

I will provide a grocery shopping list and 3 meals ideas a day for 4 people. Keep in mind while grocery shopping, by using store brands, sales flyers, dented cans, ripened fruit and vegetables, sale items, discontinued items and grocery coupons you can increase your grocery savings even more.


2 boxes of store brand instant oatmeal 10 packs per box(This makes 5 breakfast meals for 4 people. ) Costs $4.00

1 dozen eggs this will supply 3 breakfast meals for 4 people Cost $1.79

1 1/2 gallon of Orange Juice ( your favorite juice Apple maybe be a little less)(this will provide 11 5 oz juice glasses) Cost $3.00

1 can of frozen Apple Juice Cost $1.25 6 servings

1 large bunch of bananas 8 $2.00

2 gallons of milk will provide 32 8 oz glasses of milk (4 people 8 meals) Cost $6.00

1 lb of coffee Use only as much as you drink. If you drink half a pot only make half a pot. Cost $3.00 up to 2weeks out of a pound

Total Breakfast $21.04


2 Loaves of large store white bread (approx. 24 slices a loaf) 6 meals for 4 people Cost 3.00

1 large loaf of store brand wheat bread (approx. 20 slices) use for 12 slices to make toast and jelly with eggs, plus have enough to make 4 sandwiches. Cost $2.00

1 18 oz peanut butter Cost $2.50 have on breakfast toast and make sandwiches

1 16oz grape jelly Cost $2.00 have jelly on toast and make sandwiches

5 lb bag of carrots use as snacks dip in peanut butter and for dinner Cost $3.00

3lb bag of apples snacks approx 10 per bag $2.50

1 package of American cheese 12 slices for grilled cheese sandwiches cost $3.00

1/2 lb butter 1.50

Total Cost for Lunch $20.00


American Chop Suey 1 box of pasta $1.00, 1 26.5 oz Can of Hunts tomato sauce in a can $1.00, 1 lb of ground turkey 2.00, 1 8 oz bag of fresh Parmesan cheese 2.50 Boil pasta and drain, cook and drain ground turkey,add tomato sauce and pasta to cooked ground turkey and heat through serve topped lightly with Parmesan cheese. Total Cost $6.50

6lb bag of Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts individual packaged approx 24 6 meals cost ($14.00 at BJ's ) Costs $2.40 per meal (3 meals for next week) 1 can of cream of chicken soup $1.69, 1 box of bagged brown rice 6 packets in it Cost $.50( Cost $3.00 you will have bags left over for next week) favorite 1 lb bag of frozen veggies $1.50(you can save more by using can or ripened veggies I just prefer frozen) Place Chicken in a 13x9 pan and cover with cream of chicken soup mixture made to cans directions Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 1 hour. Serve chicken over rice with sauce and veggies on the side. Total Cost $6.09

1 chicken Caesar salad 1 head of your favorite lettuce Costs $2.00, 1 cucumber Cost $.50, 2 tomatoes costs $2.00, 1 bottle of favorite salad dressing Cost $1.50 4 chicken breasts $2.40 1 carrot (salad will make 2 meals) Rip half a head of lettuce leaves in put into 4 individual bowls use 1/2 a cucumber, 1 tomato, shred 1 carrot and place in bowls top each bowl with 1 grilled and sliced chicken breast topped lightly with shredded Parmesan cheese Total Cost $8.40

Sloppy Joes 1lb of ground beef Costs $2.50, 1 26.5 oz can of Hunts tomato sauce garlic and onion Costs $1.00, 1 6 or 8 pack of Hamburger rolls $1.89 Cook and drain ground beef add tomato sauce and heat thoroughly serve in hamburger rolls with salad Total cost$5.39

1 1 1/2 -2lb London broil cost $4.00, 1 5lb bag of potatoes Cost $3.00 use 5-7, 1 can of Campbell's mushroom and garlic cream soup cost $1.69, use 8 carrots from lunch. Mix soup as per direction plus 1/4 can of water place beef, quarter potatoes and carrots, pour soup over top of all ingredients in baking pan and bake for 60-90 minutes until beef starts to fall apart. Don't let it dry out cover with foil if needed. Total Cost $8.69

1 1lb canned ham cost $3.00, 5-7 potatoes, 1 1lb bag of frozen broccoli Cost $1.50 (you can save move by using can or ripened veggies I just prefer frozen), 1 can of cream of cheddar soup Cost 1.79, chunk ham and place in baking dish quarter potatoes, add frozen broccoli and top with cheddar soup mixed per instructions on can add a quarter can more water if needed bake at 350 degrees for about an hour until potatoes are soft lightly sprinkle with any leftover Parmesan cheese. Total Cost $6.29

4 boneless chicken breast Cost $2.40, grilled with barbecue sauce Cost $1.29, 1 zucchini Cost $1.00, 5-7 potatoes, 1 green pepper costs $1.00, 4 ears of fresh corn on the cob Cost $2.00,1 bag of brown rice Cost $.50 Grill veggies and serve over the cooked brown rice with grilled chicken. Total Cost $8.19

Total costs of 7 dinners $49.55

Total cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner $90.59

I have included some snacks if you still have money left in your budget

Popcorn Costs 3.50 6 bags

1 box of tea bags 2.39 for 100 bags

1 lemons cost .75 add to tap water for additional drinks or to tea to make iced tea

1 half gallon of of Ice cream Cost $2.50

Total cost of snacks $9.14

Total grocery order including snacks $99.73 Always use a grocery list while food shopping and stick to portion control. Remember you can save even more buy cutting grocery coupons and printing online coupons.

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